• Give me eight weeks of your time, and I'll take you from being fearful, blocked or procrastinating to:

    • Regularly creative 
    • Clear about your path and 
    • Knowledgeable about how to be a confident member of a community of supportive writers.

    Everyone has a book in them, but not everyone gets it out!

  • Helen's experience

    "The course ignited my imagination."

  • The course covers: 

    Module One - Defining Author Fears

    In Module One you will:

    • Meet the other course members online.
    • Find out what you're really afraid of, so that you can deal with your fears and move on.
    • Discover seven ways you could be SABBOTAGING your own writing dreams  without even realising you're doing it.
    • Come face-to-face with any excuses and procrastination activities that currently stop you from writing.

    Module Two - Obstacles to Writing

    In Module Two you will:

    • Identify any obstacles to writing that you need to deal with.
    • Decide which obstacles you can change, and which you need to find a way around to avoid bashing your head against a brick wall.
    • Use writing activities to bust through your writing fears.

    Module Three - Self-belief and Self-doubt


    In Module Three you will:

    • Discover what makes a "confident writer" seem confident.
    • Identify your own areas of self-confidence, and learn how to 'fake it until you make it' with the rest.
    • Find a new way to deal with setbacks.
    • Meet your inner critic and write her/him into her/his place!

    Module Four - Dealing with Resistance to you as a Writer

    In Module Four you will:

    • Learn how we can be resisting our writing dreams without being aware of it, and the affect that has on us.
    • Develop tactics to stop resistance.
    • Discover how to deal with other peoples' lack of support towards our writing.
    • Use writing activities to deal with our fear of what other people may think of us and our writing dreams.

    Module Five - Foundations for Success

    In Module Five you will:

    • Pin down your strengths and weaknesses and identify areas for development.
    • Discover how to USE your flaws or weaknesses to create vivid writing.
    • Build your own personal definition of what writing success looks like for you.
    • Find out more about your personal values, and use this information to build a 3-demensional character.

    Module Six - Developing Your Identity as a Writer

    In Module Six you will:

    • Find out about the importance of a 'writer's voice' and how to begin developing your own.
    • Identify your passions and how you can use them in your writing.
    • Learn ways to use your vauable life experience for writing.
    • Start to write the Author Biography you would like to use in the future.
    • Learn about theme in fiction - where theme ideas come from and how to use theme as a story planning tool.

    Module Seven - Creating Good Writing Habits and Routines

    In Module Seven you will:

    • Find out about the very varied writing habits of different successful authors.
    • Write about your dream writing day.
    • Learn about the importance of research for writing.
    • Discover the different ways authors plan their fiction, and begin to get a feel for which method would suit you the best.

    Module Eight - Writing Communities and Moving Forward

    In Module Eight you will:

    • Learn helpful and morale-preserving methods to give and receive feedback on writing.
    • Discover ways to connect with other writers for mutual encouragement, learning and feedback, and the benefits of doing so.
    • Evaluate your own personal progress, and identify areas for further work.
    • Celebrate everything you've achieved with other the course members!
    • Make plans for your future development.
  • Maggie's experience

    "I can't wait now to get my own ideas down onto paper and to start writing the book I've always wanted to write. Thank you, Margaret!"

  • Are you ready to say YES to busting through your fears to become a CONFIDENT, PROLIFIC writer?


  • Jan Heywood

    "Inspired me to write from the heart."

    "Feel The Fear and Write Anyway is a good course for new, and not so new, writers. Margaret's exercises have inspired me to write from the heart and with imagination, not thinking too deeply about it but just letting my pencil flow. Re-reading what I've written has often surprised often me.


    Margaret's video introductions give a face to the page and welcome you into the 'Fearful World of Writing' in a very friendly and inspiring way. She shares her knowledge of what it is to be a writer and makes it less fearful."


  • Frequently asked questions:

    I've never done an e-course before. How do I know it's for me?

    The beauty of an e-course is that you can study at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. The material is always there, and it doesn't matter how long it takes you to complete it. You'll have access for the lifetime of the course, so you'll be able to refresh your memory, or to go back and work on particular modules as and when you need to. Also, since there's a Facebook group attached to the course, you won't be studying in isolation - it's a great opportunity to get to know other writers.

    I've never written anything before. Does that matter?

    No. The course is suitable for complete beginners as well as those who have already done some writing. Different people will get different things from it, depending what they put into it. The whole idea of the course is to find the right fit for you.

    How much time will the course take?

    Each Module consists of 2-3 lessons, which will take you around 2-3 hours to complete, depending how much you want to write. There's no time limit, so it's easy to fit the work around your life.

    How will the course be delivered?

    You'll gain access to a new module every week for eight weeks, and you'll always be able to return to earlier modules should you wish to do so. Each module will be available to read online, as well as in a downloadable work book. There will also be an audio copy of the workbook for you to listen to. Each module is introduced with a video designed to encourage your progress.

    What happens after I enrol?

    After you enrol, you'll be asked to set up an account with a user name and password. Then you'll have immediate access to Module 0 - a warm-up module to help get your creative juices flowing. It includes a worksheet - WHAT'S YOUR PLUS FACTOR? - to help you to pinpoint the unique things you can use in your writing to give it that special edge. We all have a Plus Factor - we just have to find it - and this worksheet will help you to find yours. There's also a worksheet on the benefits of Journaling to get your teeth into.

    What if I decide the course isn't for me?

    I am so motivated to help people to improve their self-confidence as writers, that provided you can show you have done all the exercises in the first two modules, I will happily refund 100% of the fee you paid if you aren't fully satisfied with your experience on the course. Just email me within 14 days at margaretkjohnsonauthor@gmail.com giving your reasons for requesting a refund, and send me evidence that you've done the exercises for the first two modules.

  • Are you ready to transform your self-confidence about writing and to make every moment you spend doing it a moment to treasure?


    Do you want to get creative and have fun while you design your very own writing career?


    AND work on:

    • building characters
    • plotting
    • learning how to use theme as a backbone to your stories

    All while you work on becoming more confident as a writer?


    You've come to exactly the right place!


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  • What people are saying about WriteUP Courses.

    Jo Stone

    "I went on one of Margaret's courses because I was stuck with my writing and needed a boost. The course was well structured, and focused on things I needed to know/ be reminded of. There was a good atmosphere in the group and I looked forward to going every week. It paid off - the story I wrote during the course has been accepted by People's Friend, for the 2018 annual. Result!"

    Etienne Dutoy

    "To be a writer, you need a writer to help you. That writer is Margaret Johnson!"

    Dennis Hunt

    "Helpful, stimulating and interesting."


    "What a wonderful way to spend my time! I feel creative and warm of heart. Thank you!"


    "This workshop really freed up my imagination and helped me to develop lot and character. I found it surprisingly freeing and very beneficial."


    "A very enjoyable and thought-provoking course. A lovely relaxed style of experiential learning."


    "The course is good in terms of self-development and acquiring the confidence to be a good writer."


    "An excellent course to "kick-start" me into writing again."

    John Yeo

    "This course will allow you to spread your wings and encourage you to allow your imagination to take flight."


    "Margaret's writing courses are inspirational and really allow you to focus and think through where you want your writing to go."


    "Margaret clearly has a treasure-trove of techniques and ideas up her sleeve, and her sensitive facilitation of the group's development was greatly appreciated."


    "Margaret uses her experience to help you discover new ways of thinking and writing."

  • Are you ready to say YES to busting through your fears to become a CONFIDENT, PROLIFIC writer?


    CLICK BELOW TO GO ON THE WAITING LIST. You'll be informed when enrolments open again in mid January.

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